The ultimate, hands-on guide how to tell your story with your smartphone. For journalists, journalism trainers, teachers and students, for influencers, public relations professionals and everyone who wants to empower himself with professional storytelling knowledge. The book aims at radio, TV and multimedia journalists working for classic media outlets as well as social media and other online platforms – as freelancers or staff reporters and editors.


More than 200 pages, more than 100 pictures and tables – a guidebook written by two mobile journalism experts with inside knowledge from mobile journalism legends like Glen B. Mulcahy, Marc B. Settle, Philip Bromwell, Richard Lackey, Sumayia Omar, Mike Castelluci and others.

The book assembles the most up-to-date knowledge on mobile Apps on major platforms (iOs & Android) as well as a guide to hardware and equipment. Many examples, step-by-step guides to apps and equipment.

It is all you might need as a starting journalist wanting to use your mobile phone as a tool for filming, editing and reporting. If you buy this book you will know exactly what you need to get the most professional results possible on a mobile phone.


1 Mobile Reportin: An Overview
2 “News Gathering“ on the move: Modern news agencies
3 What’s in a reporter’s bag? “Mobile Journalism” equipment
“May I use your mobile network, please?” – Interview with Marc Blank-Settle
4 Radio broadcasting on the move
“A reporter needs to be on the road.” – Interview with Nicholas Garnett
5 TV on the go: Filming
“Storytelling is no longer the preserve of a small number of people in newsrooms.” – Interview with Philip Bromwell
6 TV on the move: Editing
Phoning it it: “Professionals still need to be able to tell a good story. ” – Interview Mike Castellucci
7 TV on the move: Live Streaming
Livestreaming: “Thorough preparation is everything.” – Interview with Philipp Weber
8 Digital Storytelling on the Move
Hashtag Our Stories: “Reality is the new quality.” – Interview Sumaiya Omar
9 360 degrees – Being on the move in all directions
360 Degrees: Interview with Martin Heller

Björn Staschen is a staff reporter and long-time video and mobile journalist with NDR, part of Germany´s biggest public service broadcasting network ARD. He founded and leads NDR´s NextNewsLab and works as speaker, trainer and advisor. Next to the MobileStorytelling book, he also published a German handbook for Mobile Journalism and wrote a book on camping.

Twitter: @bjoernsta

Wytse Vellinga is an international video and multimedia storytelling trainer from the Netherlands. He works for Dutch broadcasting company Omrop Fryslân as a Mobile journalist making daily news reports with Android, iOS and Windows Phones. He also works as a MoJo expert for Thomson Foundation in London and the European organisation of regional broadcasters Circom-Regional.

Twitter: @wytsevellinga