I am writing this on my phone. Although… Not really. I am actually writing this on my phone turned into a laptop. Sounds wierd right? But it is real. I a using the Nexdock 2. A shell that, when connected to an Android smartphone, turnes into a real Laptop.

In my case I connected it to one of the Flagship phones from Samsung. Connecting this phone starts up Dex-mode, a full desktop experience. Huawei offers something similar, and with the latest version of Android an increasing number of phones will have a desktop mode.

Why would you want something like this? Simple. It gives you a connected laptop wherever you go. And when you shot a story on your phone it gives you a an editing experience that is much more conventient then just using your phone.

I’ve had the Nexdock 2 for a couple of hours now, so it is to soon to give you a full review, but in the next couple of weeks I will be putting this to the test and see if it can really replace your laptop. Stay tuned….

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