The Smartphone. A brick with a screen. It might be 16 by 9, 18 by 9 or even 19 by 9, but the basic form factor has been the same for years. And the general idea was that the smartphone had reached it’s final form. But Samsung thinks differentaly. TonightContinue Reading

One more day and the yearly explosion of new phones will start. The MWC in Barcelona starts this weekend and tomorrow will see the presentation of the new Samsung Phones. The biggest player in the Android field will present the S10 and S10 plus, but will also be revealing aContinue Reading

When I started using my smartphone for professional video in 2014 I was using a Nokia 1020. A smartphone with a whopping 41 megapixel camera. It was a great camera that got me all the shots I needed in my every day work as a broadcast journalist. It wasn’t veryContinue Reading

2018 was the year of Unsane. The first movie shot on a smartphone that really caught people’s attention. Websites, magazines and newspapers all looked at it with amazement. How did director Steven Soderbergh do this with a phone? They probably didn’t realize it was not the first movie shot withContinue Reading

Using your mobile phone for storytelling is cheap and actually quite easy. You can shoot and publish your stories within minutes. And you will probably get some likes and some shares. And that is all what you as a journalist or PR person are looking for. Or is it? WhatContinue Reading